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Good Friday Service

The Good Friday Liturgy

On the first Good Friday, Jesus was nailed to the cross at 9.00 am.  From 12 noon until 3.00 pm darkness shrouded the land.  Jesus died at 3.00 pm

 The time we spend in church on Good Friday gives us the opportunity to watch by the cross, as his followers did that first Good Friday. The church is stark, stripped of all decoration. The service we use consists of four sections:

 The Liturgy of the Word in which God speaks through the Scriptures of his saving love for mankind.

 The General Intercessions in which the Church prays for the whole human race for whom Christ died.

 The Solemn Adoration of Christ Crucified in which devotion is centered on the cross, the symbol of Christ's redeeming death.

 The Holy Communion through which the faithful are sacramentally united to Christ, their crucified and risen Lord.

 On this occasion Holy Communion is given from the Reserved Sacrament.  All the reserved bread and wine remaining after the people have made their Communion is then consumed by the president and his helpers. From after the Good Friday service until the first Easter Eucharist, the Aumbry remains empty, a reminder that on the Saturday Jesus lay dead in the tomb.  On all others days the Reserved Sacrament in the Aumbry is a reminder of the perpetual presence of the Risen Christ.

 PLEASE NOTE: The service that the service will not be three hours long. It will be in the region of an hour and a half. The Good Friday Liturgy is a complete service, and people should attend it in its entirety. It is not like the Three Hour Devotion, a service where people come and go during the service as they feel inclined. In fact coming and going during the middle of the service distracts others in their worship. Tea and hot cross buns will be served after the service.


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