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Welcome to St. Boniface Cathedral

We are an open, inclusive and progressive community. Everyone is welcome to join us. 

St. Boniface Anglican War Memorial Cathedral is Bunbury's principal Church.

The Anglican Cathedral of Bunbury is a place for reflection, prayer, private devotion and inspiration; it is a centre for ministry to the City of Bunbury and its region, and to support of the wider Church’s mission both within and beyond the Diocese; a setting within which to promote Christian unity, ecumenical endeavor, Christian culture, theology and the celebration of the arts.


There are a variety of services on offer at the Cathedral. Every weekday morning at 8am we begin with morning prayers. Every Sunday we gather as a community at 8am and 10am. During the week and the liturgical year we have many other special services; some regular and some occasional. Please see the service times tab for more details.


There is nothing quite like a wedding in a Cathedral. Kings and Queens, princes and princesses are married in Cathedrals and so can you on your special day. St. Boniface Cathedral is available to all Christians for wedding services. Please see the wedding tab for more details.



We, as a Christian community, are delighted that you would like your child to be baptised in St. Boniface Cathedral. We are a very inclusive community and welcome anyone seeking baptism. Please see the baptism tab for details and an application form.

Sermon audios

The audio of the past Sunday’s sermon is available online. See the Sermon audio tab for a list of past sermons.