Bishop-Elect Ian Coutts

The Revd Dr. Ian Coutts was elected as the 10th Bishop of Bunbury on the 16th June 2018....


Serving God by following Jesus


To love and serve the community

Our Cathedral community seeks to be a welcoming community of faith. We come from many different parts of the world and many different backgrounds but we journey together.


We are an open, inclusive and progressive community.


Everyone is welcome to join us. 

St. Boniface Anglican War Memorial Cathedral is Bunbury's principle Church.

The Anglican Cathedral of Bunbury is a place for reflection, prayer, private devotion and inspiration; it is a centre for ministry to the City of Bunbury and its region, and to support of the wider Church’s mission both within and beyond the Diocese; a setting within which to promote Christian unity, ecumenical endeavor, Christian culture, theology and the celebration of the arts.