Diocesan Lay Retreat
to 11 Aug.

Diocesan Lay Retreat

We all love a time of quiet refreshment, so why not experience the nourishment and joy of a retreat with its own balance of silence and conversation? The silence lasts from late Friday to early Sunday in the retreat venue, which suits most people very well, as many optional activities are offered, even sleep! Some prefer walking outside the venue, where any amount of talk may occur, strolling along the beach, etc. There will be time for exploring the bookshop plus creative expression for those who choose it, basking in God’s Word and music, walking the labyrinth, worship in the centre’s beautiful chapel, and… scrumptious meals!

Some may decide to take up the offer of individual spiritual direction during the free hours on Saturday. Priestly Sacrament of reconciliation will also be offered. Our speaker, Bishop Ian Coutts, was installed as our bishop in November last year. Bishop Ian has a range of experience as a social worker, parish priest and academic. We look forward to Bishop Ian’s fresh approach to our theme:

“Bless, Eat, Listen, Learn and Sent”

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